Blade tool kit

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Blade kit consisting of four blades; 

Blade, Awl, Burin and Scraper

The Blade was one of the most common of stone tools, detached from a flint core using a stone or antler.

The Awl was used for making holes in bone or leather.

The Burin was used to carve and score lines into stone, bone and antler.

The Scraper was used to scrape fat and flesh from an animal hide or carve bone. These blades would have made a useful toolkit as blades can break and blunt easily. By changing the shape of each blade by chipping little flakes off the sides, this  produces different types of blades for different purposes.

The replica blades are handmade and so vary in size from 8-10 cm. The item received may be slightly different in colour/appearance to the image due to natural variations in the flint rock

These blades are sharp and shouldn't be purchased by anyone under the age of 18. These blades are not toys.

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