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Eldritch Curse

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Inspired by the legend of Mother Grundy

Joe Eldritch is a normal 11 years old, living in the Wiltshire village of Appledown. Normal, that is, until Joe realises that he 'know's' things... things that he couldn't possibly know. Then, residents of his sleepy little village start dying in gruesome and mysterious circumstances. Unable to resist, Joe's strange power shows him, in horrifying detail, how each one of them dies, The adults around him seem to know what's happening, and guard the village's terrifying secret... does it have something to do with the local legend of the witch, Mother Grundy? Or with the dark and hidden history of the Eldritch family? And why does the mysterious and disgusting Mr. Jenks seem to be testing Joe? Only Joe, with his cousin Ellie, can uncover the ancient and horrifying truth about their village

Written by Anthony Tudor

190 pages.

What inspired the author?

We were returning from a class trip to the Crags, and my class or year six children had really enjoyed the day.... all parts - the walking, flint skills, but especially the caverns, and the short tale of Mother Grundy and her parlour. I felt though, that the story had so much more potential, but as a fictional piece. I set to work, noting down ideas, and trying to stitch them into a narrative. Each week, as the preface tells, members of my class would give me feedback... usually 'not scary enough!' Interestingly, as the writing went on (over several years) it took on a life of its own - as the ending came within sight, the story had become something entirely different from what I'd envisaged at the start!


The story features many details from my own childhood (Mr. Jenks, my favourite character, being just one) and I hope you enjoying reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.