Visiting the Past

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Archaeology is all around us in the British landscape and yet, despite the success of programmes such as Time Team, there is not much information available to the interested beginner in how to spot archaeology in their local landscape, or if they do find something interesting, what it might be. This book attempts to rectify this position by providing a guide to how to start going out there and discovering archaeology for yourself, including top tips on what to pack in your starter kit, how to identify features and how to take records. We are also given an overview of what has already been discovered, in a period-by-period introduction to the archaeology of Britain, from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age. This covers topics such as the best surviving sites to visit, what life was like in society at that time, associated activities and how to find out more.


Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Dimensions: 234 x 156 x 10 mm

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