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Witch Mark Beaker

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“What Beaker pottery can tell us

Pottery is an example of how studying artefacts opens windows into past cultures. Around 4,500 years ago, a new, bell-shaped pottery style appeared in Iberia, in present-day Spain and Portugal. These 'bell-beakers' quickly spread across Europe, reaching Britain fewer than 100 years later.

Archaeologists have been unsure whether the spread of Beaker pottery - and the culture associated with it - represented a large-scale migration of people, or was simply due to the exchange of new cultures and ideas.

The study helps resolves this century-old debate, says Museum archaeologist Dr Tom Booth: 'The question of whether new things spread by the movement of people or ideas has been one of the most important and long-running questions in archaeology, and it's fascinating to see that both are the case for the Beaker culture.'”

The 4 beakers were inspired by the above notion of The Beaker People (not as a copy. I make work spontaneously) . I was looking at prehistoric British pottery and thought to call this series the Creswell Beakers.


Size Approx: 10" x 7" Diameter

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