Witch Marks

Groundbreaking discovery of 2019! The UK's largest collection of Apotropiac marks is located at Creswell Crags. We've selected four of these amazing carvings to base our collection on. These previously unknown protection marks now get the recognition they deserve and can now be carried around with you wherever you go!

Square Merrels Board - Based on a board game known from ancient times, but here it was used to ward off evil.

Double V - Meaning Virgo Virginum (Virgin of Virgins) invokes the Virgin Mary for her protection from evil.

Wicket - Evil spirits are compelled to follow any straight line in their path, symbols made from multiple lines had the power to trap evil forever

Crossed I - I refers to Jesus himself because in Latin it is spelled Iesu. It was during the 17th century that an 'I' was written with an extra line across the middle.