Solutrean Spearhead

Solutrean Spearhead

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22,000-17,000 BP Upper Palaeolithic

The Solutrean is a sub-period of the Upper Palaeolithic in France and the Iberian Peninsular. The large laurel leaf spearheads made in this period are considered a high point in flintknapping ability during the Palaeolithic in Europe.                                             Solutrean finds have been made in the caves of Les Eyzies and Laugerie Haute and in the lower bedrock at Creswell Crags.

This replica tool has be handmade using the original methods and so size varies but is approximately 15-19cm.                                                                                                         The item received may be slightly different in colour/appearance to the image due to natural variations in the flint rock.

This tool is sharp and should not be purchased by people under the age of 18. This tool is not a toy.

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