Creswellian Point Necklace in Pewter JD

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Handmade using a flint example of a Creswellian Point made by James Dilley to create a mould. The Creswellian is a sub-period of the British Upper Palaeolithic (proposed by Dorothy Garrod in 1926) dating to 13,000-11,800 years before present. During this time people lived as hunter-gatherers at the end of the last Ice Age. They hunted horse, reindeer and bison using spears tipped with sharp flint blades which were retouched into a distinctive shape archaeologists call “Creswellian Points”.

Pure Cornish tin is then poured to fill all the tiny details from the original flint point. The pendant is strung on a leather cord. 

The item received may be slightly different in appearance to the image as these necklaces are handmade and therefore unique

Chain Length: 18" | Pendant Size: 3-4cm

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