Rocks and Mineral Pocket Eyewitness

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From the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, to sparkling minerals, this encyclopedic guide covers vital data such as where and how they form, as well as what they are used for. Get to grip with nearly 200 profiles of rocks and minerals, including basalt, marble, diamond, and rhodochrosite, with pin-sharp photographs, explaining characteristics such as hardness, colour, and lustre. This mine of information will help you to learn how to detect those rocks and minerals in no time. Take the next step in becoming an expert geologist and learn how to collect your discovered specimens, and get back to the elements with the periodic table.

Packed with fantastic encyclopaedic stats, amazing photography, and genius gem facts, 
Pocket Eyewitness Rocks and Minerals will tell you everything you need to know about spotting rocks and identifying minerals in this handy pocket-sized guide.

For ages 7-11

160 pages

Dimensions approx.: 12.9 x 9.6 x 1cm

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