Birds and Us book

Birds and Us book

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In Birds and Us, award-winning writer and ornithologist Tim Birkhead takes us on an epic and dazzling journey through our mutual history with birds, from the ibises mummified and deified by Ancient Egyptians to Renaissance experiments on woodpecker anatomy, from Victorian obsessions with egg collecting to the present fight to save endangered species and restore their habitats. 

This thought-provoking and bold book shines a light on our long connection with birds and the many ways our species have connected throughout history - both peacefully and otherwise. 



"Birds and Us is a beautiful book filled with luscious images and illustrations. Yet beyond this it is an insightful and arguably important read teaching us all the ways humans have interacted with birds during our history. It makes us reconsider our current views, and leaves us looking at our airborne neighbours in a new light." - Kendal (Tour Guide & Service Assistant)

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Number of pages: 464
Dimensions: 240 x 162 x 42 mm


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