The stone age: A ladybird Book

The stone age: A ladybird Book

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Travel back in time to discover the extraordinary lives of our ancestors in this accessible introduction to the Stone Age.

The Stone Age was a very, very long period of time. In fact, it covers most of human history and lasted for around 2.5 million years! From stone age tools to cave paintings, archaeologists have uncovered many amazing artefacts that tell us what life would have been like for someone living at this time. This book is packed full of amazing facts to transport children back in time, where they'll find out how early people lived and survived, from making fire and taming wolves, to creating art and crafting stone tools.


Publisher: Penguin Random House Children's UK
Number of pages: 48

For ages 7-9 years of age 
Dimensions: 176 x 112 x 8 mm

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