How Life on Earth Began: Fossils | Dinosaurs | The First Humans book

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What did the Earth look like 300 million years ago? Here's a chance to travel back through time and discover the days when the Earth was a very different place. In this cleverly designed book, lifting the tracing paper pages is like peeling back the layers of history, allowing readers to compare animals living in prehistoric landscapes with the fossils they left behind. The changing face of our planet comes to life, while the science behind the Earth's geology and climate is clearly explained.

Packed with fascinating illustrations, this is a wonderful way to understand the story of evolution, from the earliest single-cell lifeforms to the mighty dinosaurs and onwards to the first human beings.
Aina Bestard (author)

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd

Number of pages: 82

Dimensions: 245 x 335 mm


25cm by 34cm

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