For an Eye (Local Crime Thriller) book

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A murdered police officer, a revenge kidnapping, and drug dealing gangs.

A Detective Superintendent of the Nottinghamshire Police Force is found brutally murdered in the idyllic Clumber Park. The victim used to run the same unit that DI Rob Loxley is now a part of. That was until a drug bust went badly wrong, resulting in the deaths of four officers. Corruption was suspected, and Rob is something of an expert on that.

As the new DI of the unit, it falls to Rob to investigate the murder and find the killer, but this means dealing with Anti-Corruption, a worrying prospect at best. Between this, sting operations against criminal gangs and the kidnapping of one of Scarlett's friends, things are going from bad to worse. Rob and his dedicated team must pull together to solve these latest mysteries before more innocent lives are lost.

For An Eye is a gripping and compelling British crime thriller, perfect for fans of TG Reid, Jack Gatland and Rachel Maclean.

Book 3 of a series. 381 pages

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