Incredible Unlikeliness of Being paperback book

Incredible Unlikeliness of Being paperback book

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Alice Roberts takes you on the most incredible journey in nature, revealing your path from a single cell to a complex embryo to a living, breathing, thinking person.

It's a story that begins with our distant ancestors and an extraordinary, unlikely chain of events that shaped human development and left their mark on all of us.

This is YOUR story, told as never before. Alice Roberts uses the latest research to uncover the evolutionary history hidden in all of us, from the secrets found only in our embryos and genes, to those visible in your anatomy.

"Robert's most revelatory work yet" - Radio Times

"Alice Roberts is our preeminent science story teller" - Adam Rutherford

390 pages diagrams and pictures throughout.

Dimensions approx.: 20 x 13 x 2.5cm