After 600 years...Robin Hood Returns to Creswell!

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On the 30th September 2018, after almost 600 years, Robin Hood returned to Creswell Crags and his namesake cave to launch our new bespoke Robin Hood Cave retail range. Promotional photos were taken, over 100 people enjoyed the best Robin Hood in the business and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime were made especially for our younger visitors who met their hero in his original stamping ground!

Paul, our Operations Manager and the man behind the new merchandise, said: “I wanted to raise more awareness that at Creswell Crags we have a cave that was used by Robin Hood himself over 600 years ago. I want to create the same magic you feel when you stand by the Major Oak knowing it was used by the world’s most famous outlaw and the other famous characters we know and love that formed the Merry men.

I used artist Daniel Allegra to bring our vision alive. I wanted Robin Hood outside Robin Hood Cave with his bow drawn ready to let the arrows fly and Little John lurking in the shadow of the cave mouth ready to defend his friend. However the cave had to be as much a focal point as Robin so at a glance, you might not see Robin as he is camouflaged by the backdrop. His target…two knights leading Maid Marian being through the famous Creswell Crags Gorge.”

Robin wowed the crowds with stories by the fire pit, before embarking on a trek through the meadow to Dam head, where a skirmish with Little John occurred!

Ballads in the cave were told, before meet and greets back at the Visitors Centre. What a wonderful day was had by all!

Many thanks to Robin Hood (AKA Ezekial Bone), and Little John for coming down!

The gift shop generates essential income for the Creswell Heritage Trust (charity number 701683). All sales support our work so please browse our online shop, or visit us in store.

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