Neandertal Perfume Sample Set

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4 x 2ml Unisex Perfume Samples

As a first step in this exploration, artist and founder Kentaro Yamada created Neandertal perfume as a way to explore the analogies between the lingering echoes of our past and that of olfactory resonance. The results are contemporary, highly original, and experimental fragrance structures, free from conventional and traditional perfumery standards.

Neandertal light contains Olfactory Elements : Leaves, Incense, Hinoki, Orris , Galbanum, Leather, Ambergris.

Neandertal dark contains Olfactory Elements : Green Foliage, Pepper Berries, Citrus Fruits, Aromatic Seeds, Leather, Amber, Incense Resins, Oud.

Neandertal us contains Olfactory Elements : Citrus, Incense, Eucalyptus, Rose, Cardamom, Vetiver, Hyraceum, Amber, Oud, Sandalwood, Moss.

Neandertal them contains Olfactory Elements : Kelp, Carrot Seed, Iris, Neroli, Hinoki, Sandalwood, Ambrette, Styrax, Musk, Ambergris.

This perfume is not suitable for international shipping due to alcohol content

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