Stone Age Ceramic Necklace White

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Ancient technology reimagined.

These ceramic "Stone Age" pendants are made using the same techniques our ancestors used for millions of years. Produced by two Stone Age academics (Dr. Christian Hoggard and dr. Cory Marie Stade), all pendants are unique, beautifully glazed and finished to an incredibly high standard.

All necklaces begin with a lump of porcelain clay. The clay is moulded into a pebble shape, akin to a flint nodule, and fired at 1300 degrees Celsius. Once the nodules have cooled, a hard quartzite hammerstone is used to strike the porcelain pebble and create thin flakes and blades (resembling artefacts found on archaeological excavations). Certain pieces are retouched to represent prehistoric tools from specific periods, while others are left untouched. The porcelain flakes are then layered with a glaze and fired once more, revealing a shiny glossy finish.

To turn the pieces into a pendant, the piece is adhered to a bail and strung on a 20" (50cm) silver plated or gun-metal black necklace chain.

NOTE: Sharp edges are dulled (prior to glazing) in order to prevent injury, however some edges may still be sharp.

Items come in a Stone Age Ceramic Studio gift box, making it an ideal gift for anyone interested in prehistory!" 

Pendant approx. 3cm high Please note that each pendant is unique so will look a little different to the image

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