The Complete World of Human Evolution book

The Complete World of Human Evolution book

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Human domination of our earth is now so complete that it is easy to forget how recently our role in the history of our planet began: the earliest apes evolved around 20 million years ago, yet Homo Sapiens has existed for a mere 160,000 years. In the intervening period, dozens of species of early ape and human have lived and died out, leaving behind the fossilized remains that have helped to build up the detailed picture of our evolution revealed in this exciting new book. Every aspect of the study of ape and human evolution is explored in three accessible sections, lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs, diagrams, timelines and specially commissioned drawings.This compelling and authoritative account is essential reading for anyone interested in, or studying, the story of human origins.

240 pages

Dimensions approx.: 25.5 x 19.3 x 1.8cm

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